The perfect home for the pilot

Welcome to a new world where aviation and property combine to make the ideal place to live. If you have heard of airparks from the United States, then you will love Paluknys Airpark. It is the ultimate place for anyone in love with flying to set up home. The concept of Paluknys Airpark is to develop a professionally landscaped 70-hectare airpark only 30km from Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. This is the perfect location to access the wonders of Europe, whether you fly for leisure or business. Having a base to call your own takes all the hassle out of travel by air.

The airpark is situated in a beautiful part of the world. It lies in a forest area surrounded by nearby lakes and rivers, yet only 25km from Trakai, the country's first capital built in the XIII century. It is the perfect location for any aviation enthusiast to set up home with their plane right next to them. The airpark has a runway for planes and helicopters, which is 750m long and 42m wide. This makes it suitable for twin-engine aircrafts. Taxiways connect all 64 airpark plots allowing them to be reached by aircraft. Simply land and taxi to your property – it doesn’t get any easier than this!

A convenient home

There will be private housing and aircraft hangars built on the plots, which vary in size from 50-100 ares. All premises of the airpark are surrounded by natural hedges and guarded 24 hours a day to provide security for you and your family. Residents of the airpark will have access to a number of facilities, such as two recreational areas, runway and taxiways for aircrafts, telecommunications and club house with cafe/bar. This means you can relax and feel at home. The airpark is situated in a gated compound with 24-hour security.

Paluknys Airpark is one of very few airparks in Europe. The concept of "airparks" was initially brought from the USA where they have around 500 in total! It is a great way to live if you have access to a plane. You get all the convenience of flight, without having to drive long distances to an airfield. All of the security and documentation is taken care of, so you get stress-free flying every day of the year.

Built around your needs

Need to get around for business? Have an aircraft for leisure purposes? Whatever you use your airplane or helicopter for, Paluknys is the perfect place for you to be located. It means that you can just jump in your plane within seconds of leaving your front door. Imagine the time you will save. Just think about how much easier this will make your life.

The Paluknys Airpark project started in 2003 by Lithuanian and Swedish developers with great experience of aviation and real-estate. The plots are ready-to-build prepared with tap-water and electricity for your comfort. Solutions for housing can be provided, so you can pick up a plot and call it your home in no time at all.

Quality and convenience

The plots are large enough for you to develop something that suits your needs down to the ground. All have access to the runway, so you know that it will be the ideal solution for your aviation needs. Living on an airpark means that you spend time with people who think and talk like you do. Need a hand with a repair? There will probably be someone around who would love to help. Want to talk planes? The clubhouse is the perfect place for you.

Buying a plot on Paluknys Airpark means that you can develop something that works just for you and your lifestyle. Buying properties that have been built for someone else often disappoint. Don’t put yourself in that situation. Get your own plot and design something that suits you perfectly – and the beauty of it is that this is all built around your aircraft. No more expensive hangar fees, no more long trips to the airfield. Everything is right outside of your front door.

Find out more

We are sure that you have loads of questions to ask about how this will work for you. If you want a convenient base for you and your aircraft, then you are in the right place. Contact us today to find out more about how Paluknys Airpark will work for you and your life. We are here to answer your call, so just pick up the phone and ask all the questions you have.